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Killed by soldiers? Should I be quarantined? Debunking 2 Myths About Schizophrenia!

 Schizophrenia is a nerve-damaging disease. In the past, patients often suffered from seizures when they were in the military or when they were entering colleges. Therefore, they were considered "crazy in military service and crazy in reading", and in order to avoid losing control and hurting others , it is best to "lock up!" However, these are all misconceptions in the early years. The doctor said that as long as early and regular treatment, patients with schizophrenia also have the opportunity to return to society and live as normal people.

Zhang Weihong, director of the mental and long-term care department of the Douliu Branch of Chengda University Hospital, said that schizophrenia usually occurs between the ages of 15 and 25, which is an important milestone in our life. Most people are going to school, preparing for college entrance examination or joining the army, while a few people are preparing to enter the society after graduation. If they cannot properly adjust to different pressures from all walks of life at this time, these pressures may become a trigger for schizophrenia. multiplication factor.

However, stress is definitely not the only determinant of schizophrenia. Studies have found that the causes behind schizophrenia are quite diverse. In addition to stress, genetic inheritance, environmental changes, the abuse of some drugs that may affect the nerves, and even infections may also lead to schizophrenia attacks.

Schizophrenia, hence the name, refers to a disorder in thinking and feeling, including delusions, auditory hallucinations, visual hallucinations, anxiety and poor emotional control, etc., are common symptoms. In the early years, Chinese people had little understanding of schizophrenia, and believed that there was no cure for it, and isolating patients from the outside world was the best way. However, with the advancement of treatment concepts and drug research and development, patients with schizophrenia also have the opportunity to recover. Back to normal life.

In 2015 and 2016, a review of the "Natural Medical Journal" mentioned the window of opportunity for the treatment of schizophrenia. The intervention of social counseling is of great benefit to the overall performance of patients in the future. In particular, the early intervention of the drug treatment mode will help stabilize the nerve, prevent excessive nerve damage, and maintain a better future function and prognosis.

Dr. Zhang Weihong said that past studies have found that 1/3 of patients take medicine regularly, 1/3 take medicine irregularly, and 1/3 refuse treatment. In order to improve patients' compliance with treatment, the pharmaceutical industry has successively developed different drug formulations and treatment modes such as oral, drops, and long-acting injections.

It is worth noting that the Taiwan Society of Biopsychiatry and Society of Neuropsychopharmacology (TSBPN) announced an expert consensus this year, suggesting that patients with schizophrenia should use long-acting injections for the first time. At present, long-acting injections are used for two weeks, one month, and three months. As long as patients follow the doctor's instructions to take injections on time and maintain the concentration of effective drugs in the body, they can control the disease in a good state.

Dr. Zhang Weihong reminded that the greatest help of long-acting injections is to improve the convenience of patients' return and medical treatment. Patients have higher autonomy in life, but in order to stabilize and control the condition, if the patient chooses the treatment method of one injection every three months, It is recommended to return to the doctor once during the two treatments, so that the doctor can confirm and track the condition, and adjust the treatment strategy if necessary.

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