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Can Eating Cauliflower Every Day Prevent Cancer?

 There are quite a few foods in our lives that are good for our health, such as cruciferous cauliflower, okra, bitter gourd, etc. Many people may choose to drink bitter gourd water, okra water, etc., which are easier to obtain every day. This regulates blood sugar, or eats cauliflower every day to achieve the effect of preventing cancer. But do these recipes really work? Let's see what nutritionist Wu Yingrong, CEO of Taiwan Nutrition Foundation has to say.

Can drinking bitter melon water and okra water help regulate blood sugar?

Nutritionist Wu Yingrong said that bitter gourd and okra do contain phytochemicals that are beneficial for regulating blood sugar, but if you want to drink bitter gourd water or okra water to control blood sugar, it is better to eat bitter gourd or okra directly. Especially the green bitter gourd, the bitter melon contained in it has been proved to be quite helpful for lowering blood sugar.

And if you really want to control blood sugar, you can’t rely solely on bitter gourd and okra. Dietitian Wu Yingrong suggested that the order of eating should also be adjusted. Vegetables can be placed first, followed by protein, followed by rice or noodles. Finally, fruit; eat foods that are less carbohydrate-free (vegetables, protein), then eat macromolecular carbohydrates (rice or noodles), and finally eat small carbohydrates (fruit). It is very helpful for people who want to adjust and stabilize their blood sugar as long as they are eaten in the right order.

Daily calcium supplementation can prevent osteoporosis?

In addition to regulating blood sugar, calcium supplementation, bone nourishment, and prevention of osteoporosis are also topics of concern to many people, but can eating calcium tablets every day really prevent osteoporosis? In this regard, nutritionist Wu Yingrong said that this statement can be said to be correct, but it is not completely correct. Calcium supplementation is necessary to prevent osteoporosis, but it does not mean that calcium supplementation is enough. The bone composition of the human body is like building a house. If you want to build a house, you need to pile up and stabilize the bricks. Porters are transported, cement is stabilized, and workers are also required to build high-quality operations. For example, calcium is bricks, vitamin D is porters, protein is cement, vitamin K, which is commonly found in green vegetables, is workers, and magnesium for strengthening coatings comes from in nuts. In addition, there are also quite a lot of nutrients that help to nourish bones, such as flaxseeds, coumestrol, which is commonly found in mung bean sprouts to facilitate bone absorption, and soy isoflavones rich in soybeans such as soy milk and tofu. If you want to take in soy isoflavones, nutritionists also suggest that you can add soy beans when cooking.

In addition to calcium tablets, many people use royal jelly as a nutritional supplement during menopause. Nutritionist Wu Yingrong reminded that this type of food does not need to be eaten every day, especially those with a family history of gynecological cancer and breast cancer should try to avoid it. It is recommended to discuss with a professional doctor before using any type of food.

Eating cruciferous vegetables every day can prevent cancer?

Cruciferous vegetables are known to be beneficial to the body, such as cauliflower, but nutritionist Wu Yingrong said that this does not mean that eating every day can prevent cancer. It is true that the sulforaphane and phytochemicals contained in the cruciferous family are beneficial to anti-cancer and phytochemicals; but of course, you cannot only eat cauliflower in your daily diet, and various nutrients such as protein and carbohydrates are also necessary.

The nutritionist further stated that phytochemicals are quite good antioxidants in the human body. Like the rainbow shield of the body, each color is very important. You can’t just supplement one of them, and you can start with “positive color”. The more red and green, the higher the density of phytochemicals, and the more colors, the better. Try to let plant-based ingredients occupy 3/4 of the plate. Eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less sugar, eat less fried foods, and eat less red meat with four legs, which will be healthier for the body and protect the cardiovascular system. But remember, every food has its own nutritional value, and it's important to eat a balanced diet.

In addition, the way of cooking is also very important, to preserve its nutrients, avoid nutrient loss or facilitate absorption. For example, turmeric needs to add some oil when cooking, because it is oil-soluble, which will make it easier to absorb nutrients; while vegetables such as cauliflower should try to avoid long-term cooking to avoid loss of nutrients, such as hot pot.

Drinking a glass of red wine every day can reduce the risk of heart disease?

I believe that many people have heard such a statement, but the nutritionist said that because of the genetic defect of decomposing alcohol, Taiwanese people can be said to be the most unfriendly country in the world. The Ministry of Health and Welfare also pointed out that men should not consume more than 20 grams of alcohol a day, and women should not exceed 10 grams, which is equivalent to 250cc of beer and 100cc of wine.

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