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The joint deformation is irreversible! 336 formulas to find out psoriatic arthritis! Doctor: Diagnosis requires early treatment

 Psoriasis is not only a disease with skin symptoms, it is actually a systemic immune disease. According to foreign statistics, nearly 30% of patients receiving dermatological treatment have been combined with psoriatic arthritis but have not been diagnosed!

Physician Liang Peiying, director of the Department of Allergy, Immunology and Rheumatology at the Hospital Affiliated to Sun Yat-Sen Medical University, said that the general public often misunderstands that psoriasis is not related to arthritis and osteoarthritis. It is one of the symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. In addition, joint pain, swelling, sausage fingers (toes), nail lesions, etc., also beware of psoriatic arthritis.

Physician Liang Peiying explained that psoriatic arthritis is an inflammatory arthritis related to psoriasis. In addition to genetics, smoking, stress, alcoholism, etc. may cause attacks. Because psoriatic arthritis can cause irreversible joint deformation, it is important to distinguish it from rheumatoid arthritis as soon as possible, and actively follow the doctor's instructions for treatment.

Physician Liang Peiying said that after many patients were diagnosed, they wanted to say that the symptoms of psoriasis on their bodies would not cause too much trouble, so they did not return for regular check-ups. In fact, it was a great worry for their health. Daily mastery of the "336 rules" can be used to find out psoriatic arthritis as soon as possible. . "3" Symptoms appear especially on the scalp, nails, private parts or belly button. "3" Joints begin to appear stiff, swollen, and painful. "6" Early diagnosis and early treatment, grasping the golden treatment period of 6 months, can greatly improve the Prognosis and quality of life.

In the current health care regulations for biological agents, taking psoriatic arthritis as an example, patients need to be treated with first-line drugs and use more than two kinds of immunomodulatory drugs. After half a year of treatment, the effect is still not good. The current treatment strategy is to discuss with the patient first. Some people may prefer oral drugs, while others prefer injections, while making choices based on the patient's own lesions and comorbidities.

Dr. Leung Peiying shared that she once treated a music student who was unable to practice due to joint swelling and pain because her major was piano. When I first went to the doctor, I was in a wheelchair. In addition to joint swelling, there were also skin lesions. At first, traditional oral medication was used, but there was no improvement. After successfully applying for biological preparations, not only the joints are no longer swollen and painful, but also the piano can be practiced smoothly. Graduated too! Patients with psoriasis are urged to pay attention to their own health conditions and discuss appropriate treatment options with their physicians for their needs.

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